>I’m aware of the superstitious belief that bad things happen in threes, but I’m curious to discover if that applies to annoying things as well.

Case in point:

1. Our security alarm has seemingly developed a mind of it’s own, therefore forewarning us of an obviously invisible attacker every twenty minutes. Though I am appreciative of it’s vocal concern for our safety and outrage at any intruder (imaginary or otherwise), I fear our neighbors are considering a plan of attack themselves if it continues its cacophonous tirade throughout the night. Again.

2. As if incessant beeping wasn’t enough to disrupt these last few nights of summer sleep, my toilet has been eavesdropping on my inner dialogue condemning my severe lack of exercise and has decided to make up for my reluctance for physical exertion by taking matters into its own hands. By running, I mean. For hours. All morning, in fact. Of course he is aware that in addition to the physical satisfaction he may be getting, he is also quite successfully running up our water bill. A fact, that, I’ve discovered in a brief exchange with him, he apparently doesn’t value as highly as physical maintenance and extrinsic motivation. Honestly, he may have a point. A jog sounds like a brilliant reprieve from the deafening sound of rushing water emanating from my bathroom.

Thus, I am just the conductor in this symphony of audible intrusions, and almost afraid to wonder if this mysterious law of threes does in fact apply to things obnoxious in nature, what could possibly happen next?

I’ll be sure to let you know.


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