>Too Bloody Hot

>I admit it.  It is Monday, the beginning of the work week.  My students are most likely sticking to their metal desks.  Teachers are cranky and soaked through their proper business attire.  The cafeteria aides have probably quit reprimanding the kids for throwing paper airplanes because of the brief, small gust of air they bring.  Of course, I can only hypothesize because I am home. 

Yes, I stayed home.  Yes, I used a sick day.  Truth be told, my allergies have been atrocious this whole weekend, I tailgated in 140 degree weather outside of the Meadowlands for the US/Argentina game for 3 hours yesterday, then sat through the last half hour in the pouring rain.  I did not feel well this morning.   
So, I am so sorry for those who are stuck in this terrible, fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk day, but I am so grateful to be home!  

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