>On the Road Again….

For the many who were worried that marriage has tamed us…. Rich and I have chosen to indulge our nomadic tendencies and take off for the summer. Apparently Europe this past fall was not enough to satisfy our insatiable desire to, well, get as far away from New Jersey as possible. My last day of school is June 20th and Rich has just put in for a leave of absence from work.  Our mad-hatter plan has the trajectory date of July 1st and when(if) it ends, no one knows…we’re shooting for the Grand Canyon and will decide where to go from there. 

Our plan is simply this:  laugh a lot, pray a lot, sing a lot, eat a lot, write a lot, see a lot, love a lot, take lots of pictures, meet lots of people, meet up with lots of old friends and remember what it feels like to know that life is good. We don’t have a plan mapped out- we’re not sure how long we’ll stay in each state.  Who knows what we may find in Virginia? What if the burritos are too good to not stay in Albuquerque a few extra days? I mean, Flagstaff is only a day’s drive away from San Diego.  The best part about road trips is that they’re not about the destination.  
 So, if you have any Jackie-O glasses, throw them my way.  Planning a trip as well? Let us know.  We may meet you there.  I’ll be the filthy brunette whining for a restroom without a urinal and my husband will be the one introducing himself as “Mr. Moriarty”.

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