>Day Off

>I don’t think I’ll go to work today.  I think I’ll read the first Harry Potter book out loud to myself-using all of the voices.  I think I’ll go for a walk, find my favorite house, pretend that I own it and then imagine which color I would paint the front door.  I think I’ll go to the fancy high-priced grocery store and find the greenest asparagus, the reddest tomatoes and the sweetest smelling mango and eat them all raw in the car.  I think I’ll go to the bookstore just to look at all of the pictures and sip a latte with too much foam.  I think I’ll practice my Portuguese saying, “The dog is under the table” simply because I like the way the words feel in my mouth.  Cachorro…

I think I’ll watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy back to back without ever once getting up to make a sandwich. I think no matter how many times it rings, I won’t answer the phone. I think I’ll take a shower until the water runs cold and sing only songs that I’ve made up and run out frantically to write down the ones I like.  I think I’ll call an old friend from college while she’s at work, only to leave a message on her voicemail bragging about my day off.  I think I’ll pretend I’m a painter, just for a few seconds and buy fresh flowers for the bedroom.  Something purple.  I’ve always hated purple, but not today. I think I’ll write down all of the things I love about my husband, then call him at work and read it all in one breath.  I think it is going to be a great day.

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