> This evening I surprised my husband by making reservations at a restaurant we’ve both been wanting to go to ever since we moved to the Montclair area.  After several courses and more wine than my 5’4 frame can handle, we began giggling and telling stories while he watched T.V. and I checked my e-mail.   One story in particular always makes me laugh (with or without the wine) and it just so happens to be the catalyst of this very blog.  My husband is a social worker, and a few months ago he was doing his utmost to assist a client as he took down some information concerning her background.   Upon the discovery that she had a daughter, he requested to see the child’s birth certificate.  There, in official black letters blared the legacy of her middle name.  Kindalikeoprah, all one word with a capital K.   No laughing, please.  Needless to say, in the dark of night on a Friday after a considerably delicious meal and an excessive vino consumption, this name was chosen among the masses to grace the face of my new blog.  I may regret it tomorrow.  I may not remember it tomorrow.  But, for now I have to say, Ikindalikeit.


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